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The Little Goat Who Lead

Improving communities, business and lifestyles one solution at a time.


It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle!

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In 2007 Andrea Raquel founded

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Improving communities, businesses and lifestyles

 one solution at a time.

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I wrote this silly short days ago, but then my blog went down. So I had to wait for tech support to fix it before I could share it and the big news I promised you in my last post. It's just one more example of the point I was making. Technology fails and things happen. So I'm just flowing with it. That's how we make #lemonade 🍋 • The Little Goat Who Lead: Once there was a little goat who was curious and tenacious. The little goat inquired about, got into and tried everything. 🐐 The goat was not quite a black sheep, but many others asked awkward questions and even demanded the little goat be more like the other goats... (some of you already know where this is going, still read the entire thing on if you dare 😂). • TLDR? My big news? The short version is join me on TikTok! Watch trending videos and earn rewards from your favorite brands. Search "Rewards" on the app and enter code: 5OQ531BL5B006 The long version is much more interesting and mind blowing, especially if you're into #socialmedia or just use it as a tool for your brand. • There are lessons in all of this and we can learn them by peeling back the layers and diving in. If you're truly bored and/or lonely this is especially for you. My to do list is longer than ever. I'm not ignoring anyone. I'm doing my job, and maintaining balance. • While some folk debate me about joing yet another social media site. I'm about to completely migrate and redesign my entire website to fit a whole new UI and/or rebuild from scratch. July is the deadline but clearly the blog issue is a sign to do it now. 😉😁🤓 • Take a look at it today. Then let me know your thoughts when it's done. Also prayers, positive vibes, spells, and sacrifices to technology God's or whatever your thing is are all appreciated in my very devastating and overwhelming time of need. Even though I joke about it, tears will be shed and things will be thrown. Still, I'm convinced all change is good and confident it will turn out for the better. ***All links referenced available from link*****

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