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#LivingSugarFree w/ speaker and author, Andréa Raquel. It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle.

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Sugar Free Coach Meme w/ Andrea Raquel
Andréa Raquel

Available for speaking, training, hosting, guest appearances, modeling and quality endorsements.

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Andréa Raquel is The Social Entrepreneur & Original Sugar Free Coach

Topics include but not limited to:
  • Group Fitness & Healthy Living
  • Organizational & Talent Management
  • Minority & Women's Issues
  • Corporate Diversity, Change Management & Conflict Resolution
  • Social Entrepreneurship, Networking & Media
  • Veterans, Talent & Athlete Development
  • College & Educational Planning
  • Group training & Leadership development
  • Relationship, Mediation & Spiritual Counseling
  • Hosting: