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#LivingSugarFree w/ speaker and author, Andréa Raquel. It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle.

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Books, CD's and other titles from The Social Entrepreneur to maximize your resources and life. After much demand you can now place your order for the DVD from your Sugar Free Coach. You've followed Andrea's tips for living sugar free, now get the book that helps you make the best use of every moment.

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Thought Leader, Author and Public Speaker, You've seen the show, listened on the radio, seen her in person and now you can own the book. Get personal one on one time with Andrea Raquel as she takes you through lesson after lesson on how you can maximize your resources and your life. Pre order today and get a personalized signed copy.

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Former Zumba Instructor, BeachBody Trainer, Army Vet and the Sugar Free Coach, Andrea Raquel brings you her unique spin on fitness for those who like realistic workouts that bring balance and fun to a busy lifestyle. Now registering for online Virtual Fitness Series.

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